we Love kids


This farm has been loved by many kids. As Jill was growing up her parents had this farm as a weekend retreat for their 8 kids. Today these grown-up kids bring their kids, and now grandchildren to relive some of the memories of their youth.  There is a freedom that kids revel in when they have no fences, no fussy neighbours, and acres of space to explore. Adults too can feel the joy of being outdoors without technology at every turn.  There is a paddle boat at the pond, as well as a raft to jump off or snooze on. On a hot summer day, there is nothing more appealing to us than a morning run, and a jump in the pond. Our vegetable garden provides us with abundance from early spring until late in the fall.  Everyone loves watching the ducks waddle around the property, and the curious, friendly turkeys free-range and forage for their food. It’s fun to share the idea of where our food comes from with young people.  We welcome visitors to this wonderful area and our old but comfortable and updated home with our guests.

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